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Team Management

Mosman Swans use TeamStuff for team management. This handles all our our team communications including:

  • Player lists
  • Match and Training scheduling
  • Reminders and attendance confirmations
  • Team email lists

Team Managers administer each team, and the overall club is managed by You will be invited to join your team by your team manager.

Important Notes for Team Managers

  • Mosman Swans Admin is a manager of each team – please leave this here so that we can manage the overall club.
  • It is really important that you get every player/parent correctly registered (see the note below) so that you can use TeamStuff as your primary means of communication. Each team has an email address (under Contacts info) that can be used, as well as the built-in messaging system.
  • TeamStuff works mostly by invitation and player/parent self-management. This means that you cannot directly fix many of the things that players/parents get wrong (names, contacts, etc). You will need to communicate with your team directly and sometimes it is easiest to just delete and re-invite players/parents.
  • The teams are joined to Clubs, either Mosman Swans or Mosman-Willoughby Joint Venture. The Clubs are administered by so if you need something addressed just send an email.


How do I update my name or email address?

  • When you are first invited to TeamStuff you are required to create an account (or re-use an existing one) and can set a different email address than the one on your invitation.
  • You can change your email address at any time by logging in, selecting Account Settings (top right), then you can change your name, email address and password.

As a Manager/Coach, how do I add another Parent's email address?

  • Go to Teams, Expand the Team then select the Players icon.
  • Expand the detail for the Player you want to add a parent for.
  • Click the Add Parent button, you will be able to send an invitation to the Parent’s email address

If I sign in as a Parent and add my Child as a Player - how to I add my Child's email address so they can access TeamStuff independently?

  • Go to Profiles section, and expand the Child.
  • Select the icons below to add the Child’s email address

As a Player, how can I add Parents?

  • Go to Profiles section, and expand your details.
  • Select the icons below to add your Parent’s email address

How do I add an extra email address to my account?

Go to your Account Details and under Email Settings you can add another email address for your account

How do I subscribe to a calendar with just my team's information?

  • Go to Account Settings (top right) and scroll down to Calendar
  • Subscribe to your calendar – this will launch your calendar application and you can confirm. You could also right-click on this button and copy the link, which you can then sue to paste into your calendar application.

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